Isaiah Thomas releases statement following sister’s death

Kids Justin Pugh Jersey Isaiah Thomas is breaking his silence.

Kids Ndamukong Suh Jersey The Celtics point guard released a heartfelt statement Wednesday summarizing his emotional turmoil following the death of his younger sister and thanking those who have expressed their support since the tragic single-car accident Saturday morning.

Per the team’s Twitter account:

But we all know each other off the floor as well. It’s not like there’s anyone out there being disrespectful towards another. It’s fun. You hit a shot, he’s talking to us. I hit a shot, I’m talking to them. I miss the dunk, he’s telling me I need to do calf raises. It was good back-and-forth; it makes the game a lot more fun, that’s for sure.

McCollum didn’t deny he talked about Green’s calves.

Yeah, he does need to do some calf raises so he can dunk, McCollum said. Yeah, it’s a game. It’s a game we all love. We come out here, represent our teams, representing our hometowns where everybody’s from. And where I’m from, if you talk trash, then I’m going to talk trash to you. It’s not disrespectful. We’re not talking about nobody’s mamas or nothing bad.

Lillard also talked about Green’s trash talk, and said it fuels him to play better. No player said it was an issue, so expect to see them all continue to chat to one another as the series continues.