Walt Frazier hit in face by a ball while calling Knicks-Grizzlies game, suffers injury

Legendary Hall of Fame guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier was struck in the face by a basketball while calling the Knicks-Grizzlies game Wednesday and was later diagnosed with a scratched cornea.

He was hit by a loose ball in the first quarter, and the force knocked his head set off. He was evaluated by a doctor at halftime, who gave him eye drops, and he was able to continue his work as the color analyst with an ice pack against his face.

Keeper leagues arguably are the most fun to play, because like real general managers, you construct your roster over the course of many seasons. If your team stinks this season, you can build for next year. If you think you may have a winner this season, you can trade away young talent for high-end stars to put you over the top now. The bottom line is, playing with keepers allows you to hold on to players for the following season. How many keepers you get depends on the number your league decides on.

According to ESPN.com, the Rockets are “shocked and disappointed” that Griffin and Rivers avoided disciplinary action for their roles in the night’s transgressions.

After the game, Clippers coach Doc Rivers defended his players by saying everyone was “testing” people that night.

“They’re not testing me, I’m not playing,” Rivers said. “Unless D’Antoni tries to test me, you know, and that’d be something different. But, no, I mean, they test everybody. It’s not just Blake and Austin. It’s everybody.

“Just go through the league, you see it every night. You know, Blake and Austin’s names are more nuclear, if you print their names and it comes out. But, it’s our league, you know? It’s much ado about nothing, if you want me to be honest. A lot of talk, you know, and then you go find someone to say something. And then if you write Austin’s name or Blake’s name, you get a big article, everybody reads it, and that creates more news. And to me, it’s just white noise. I think it is for our team as well.”

Ariza and Green were the only players punished for their actions Monday night.packers_030