Jones apologized and said the man in the video is “not who I am.”

Hours later, a video from 2013 surfaced that showed Jones making a racially insensitive remark, joking about an engaged man being in the company of a “black girl.” According to The Blast, which released the video, the engaged man was white and asked Jones if the Cowboys owner would tape a message to the man’s fiancĂ©e. Jones apologized and said the man in the video is “not who I am.”

With Hurricane Irma ravaging the Southeast in Week 1, opening week ratings for “Countdown” dropped 33 percent. The show has gained back ground but remains in a big hole. Many fans still seem turned off by NFL player protests during the national anthem as well as the apparent blackballing of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. President Donald Trump also has urged his followers to boycott the NFL until the league forces players to stand during the anthem.

The punishments were ultimately restored upon NFL appeals to higher courts, which loathe getting involved with labor disputes unless a determination of extreme bias toward an employee by management/ownership is too great to ignore.

Elliott stopped his legal fight last week and must now sit for the next four games as the Cowboys (5-4) fight to stay in the playoff race.

Goodell successfully insisted upon keeping his “judge-juror-jailer” juice during CBA negotiations with the NFL Players Association in 2011. Jones, though, could potentially lean on a new commissioner to lessen such omnipotent jurisdiction and tweak Article 46 in exchange for an NFLPA concession during the next labor negotiations. The current CBA expires after the 2020 season.

New England cruised to a 33-8 win over the Raiders in Mexico while the Vikings pulled away from the Rams for a 24-7 victory in a matchup of 7-2 teams at U.S. Bank Stadium. jets_029

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