Wizards coach Scott Brooks wasn’t upset about the mistake.

After staring down his old team, whom he said threatened to make him a “Marlin for life,” the reigning National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton spoke like a man who had escaped from a dysfunctional franchise in South Florida for a chance to win in New York with the Yankees.

“This has been quite the experience, quite the road to get here,” Stanton said.

But then the Broncos’ once-vaunted defense put the fun in dysfunction in allowing two big plays to seal the team’s fate, a 42-yard scoring run by Kenyan Drake and a 23-yard scoring strike by Cutler to Kenny Stills.

“We had a clock malfunction, early start,” Spooner said in a statement. “The time that they lost was 1.1. With an inbounds at 1.2 that leaves, mathematically, 0.1 and that should have been where we reset it. We actually made the mistake in their favor if you will, and reset it at 1.1.”

The same goes for head coach. Relatively speaking, it’s been a stable operation since Young calmed things down back in the day. Ironically, the biggest blip was … no, not the Ray Handley debacle in 1991 after Parcells retired, but when Mara, who has been in charge only since 2005, nudging Tom Coughlin out two years ago. The entire “smooth transition” notion took a hit then; it just happens to be a more catastrophic hit now.

In the Chargers’ run of five wins in seven games, Philip Rivers has 14 touchdown passes and three interceptions. In a stunning acknowledgement of the passing of an era, none of the touchdowns has gone to Antonio Gates.nike_redskins_2500